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The last bodywork method you will ever want to learn!

  • Bowen Therapy is one of the most effective and the most efficient forms of bodywork known today.
  • Bowen Therapy is one of the few methods that applies most of the known physiological laws.
  • Of the few methods that apply physiology laws, Bowen Therapy is the least expensive to learn, fastest to learn, and safest for the practitioners body to apply.
  • Sue Hamilton is a trainer and assessor in the nationally recognised Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy 10533NAT and Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy 10534NAT delivered by Bowen Training Australia RTO#41134
  • BTA offers a range of comprehensive continuing education workshops. Whilst these workshops are not part of the nationally recognised training, they are Bowtech-accredited and eligible for Continuing Education points with Bowen Association Australia.

The Curriculum in Detail

Certificate IV 10533NAT is divided into two components:

Practical In-Class Modules

  • This is comprised of seven, two-day, Instructor-led classroom modules that are completed sequentially.
  • Modules 1 to 7 take the student step by step through the Bowen training, introducing new procedures to address a wide range of problems that clients may present with.
  • Each Module is delivered over two days, with each training day considered to be 8 hours.

Distance learning

  • Also referred to as “training package units” in our course competencies, there are six units to be completed via distance assessments.

Training Course Dates


  • Watch this space

TRAINING VENUE: “The Brookfield Centre”
139 Brookfield Road, Kenmore 4069 West Brisbane, Queensland


Modest and very reasonably priced accommodation is available in the big Queenslander house we use as a training venue. Use of kitchen. Restaurants only 5 minutes away.

For more information please contact Sue Hamilton:

Tel: 07 3201 1959


Nationally Recognised Training in Bowen Therapy available through Bowen Therapy at Karana Downs, taught by Sue Hamilton with RTO, Bowen Training Australia, RTO#41134. Visit Bowen Training Australia for dates and details regarding the Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy 10533NAT and Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy 10534NAT


You told me that you could treat my crippling sciatica with 3 treatments, a week apart. I was extremely sceptical. Especially when you started the treatment and the moves on my body were a relatively light pressure, compared to some remedial massage that I'd had the week before. But after the first treatment with you I felt different! I felt balanced and grounded for the first time in years, and the pain in my left buttock down through my leg to my foot had reduced by 50%. Within weeks, just as you said, I was feeling like my old self again. Thank you Sue for helping me out of my pain. It was depressing to have Sciatica, and very debilitating. I'm now able to do things that I haven't done in years. I shall keep up my monthly maintenance Bowen treatments with you too, as a preventive move, thanks for maintaining my good health. I love coming to your clinic, always clean, relaxing and smelling good :-) Cheers, see you soon
Meredith G. Forest Lake Q

I have been recuperating from a serious illness for the last five years, so I am not an easy client. I am so glad that I've found Bowen Therapy and Sue. It is amazing how such a light touch can produce such remarkable results, going deep in the body, releasing and healing. With each treatment, I go deeper and deeper into the healing I need at that time. Bowen is having a cumulative effect over time. My body seems to remember the last session and build from there.
Wendy C.,  Kenmore (Crohn's Disease)